Distracted driving kills thousands a year. I’m not breaking news when I say it’s an immense problem that we as a society need to deal with and not run from, because face it, technology is not going anywhere.

As someone obviously in radio, I listen to the radio a lot. And yes, texting and driving makes up a majority of the distractions that count as "distracted driving," but a much closer second than people think would be changing songs or managing a playlist while driving.

I see more drivers currently being distracted due to them trying to change music more than I do texting. There's a heavy focus on texting and driving because when the campaign against it first started more than a decade ago, texting was pretty much the only distracting thing on our phones. Now it's been rebranded as "distracted driving," because we've also got our music and our social media apps on our phones as well.

So after all that, what is this solution?

The radio. 

The easiest way to eliminate the distraction of changing music while driving is to use your radio. You won’t need to pick up your phone to change a song if you use the readily-available radio in your car, on which stations like Fun 107 play what you want to hear without you having to engage with your phone at all. That way, you can keep your eyes and focus on the road, kind of like how we are all supposed to.

And if you can't get us on the radio where you are, just download the Fun 107 app and let us take care of the playlist.

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