One of my favorite parts of modern-day communication is the introduction of the .GIF.

The perfectly-played .GIF, placed just in the right place, can really add a lot to a text conversation. It's like adding production value to your thread. When done right, you can add just the right level of levity to diffuse a potential text fight. You can show compassion, disinterest, or any number of emotions that are so hard to portray using only words.

I have found that I definitely have "go-to".GIFs. My very favorite .GIF at the moment is this one. I love it because you can almost hear her voice saying it.

I'm not the only one who has a favorite .GIF, though. I asked the Fun 107 airstaff if they had favorite .GIFs, and here's what they came up with.

Maddie said she likes this one from Parks and Rec:

But Maddie said her all-time favorite .GIF is this one:

Gazelle taps into The Simpsons for his favorite and most-used .GIF:

Christine loves Parks and Rec, too. She shares her favorite Amy Poehler dancing .GIF with Maddie, but also says she loves this one from Schitt's Creek:

Jackson, another fan of Schitt's Creek, turns to Alexis for his favorite .GIF:

I couldn't do an article about my favorite all-time .GIF's without at least mentioning the side-eye girl. This is probably one of the most timeless .GIFs out there. I'm not sure I'll ever tire of this one.

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