Apa! With the holidays right around the corner, The Portuguese Kids are cooking up yet another festive show.

Who are The Portuguese Kids you may be asking? Well, if you're from the area and just so happen to live under a rock- they are a group of guys who take their ethnic humor to a new level through their comedy. Composed of three local SouthCoast Comedians- Derrick DeMelo, Brian Martins, and Al Sardinha, these guys enjoy performing through live comedy shows, musical parodies, and video skits that are, you guessed it, based on Portuguese culture.

Ready for the good news?

The Portuguese Kids are coming to Durfee High School on Friday, December 13th at 7:00 pm, doors open at 6 pm. Tickets are only $10 and are being sold online at portuguesekids.com/events. You can buy directly at the doors, or you can call (508)-617-8836 to reserve yours today.

This show will include a comedy act and an improv act where the audience helps to shape the show. Fun for all ages, The Portuguese Kids hope to bring smiles to the faces of all attending.

In case you're wondering, you do not have to be Portuguese to enjoy this show. It just helps with some of the humor and translation, but for the most part, the skits are easy to understand.

For more information, you can find the Portuguese Kids on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok , Snapchat or YouTube.

Check out their latest skit about a Portuguese man ordering at Subway!

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