If you've been anxiously awaiting the warmer weather to embrace the SouthCoast, you're in luck.

Over the past week or two, we have been teetering on the brink of seasonal weather with some really nice spring days, only to wake up to a frosty morning from frigid overnight temps.

Talk about a tease.

Well, that tease will soon be a thing of the past as we are officially turning a corner within the next week.

According to ABC6 Storm Tracker Meteorologist Chelsea Preist, we are well on our way to those above-70 degree days and possibly flirting with temps in the 90s as we progress and transition from spring to summer.

Next weekend – between Friday, May 22 and Sunday, May 24 – will be the best days to get outside and start planting, so plan accordingly.

As far as those cold bitter nights that can be extremely harmful to vegetation, flowers, and plants, you can sleep comfortably knowing that the frost is coming to an end.

Here's a little fun fact about myself that you most likely didn't know: I love yard work. There's something about pulling roots and getting down and dirty that's so satisfying and accomplishing. So hearing this news is rather quite exciting, to say the least.

Chelsea tells Fun 107 that you haven't missed the deadline yet if you're looking to plant any vegetables.

With all of this staying at home and social distancing, it will finally feel good to get outside, dust off the old' green thumb and start growing me some cucumbers and summer squash.

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