On Thursday, August 16, the Paw Sox are having a name change that is raising some eyebrows while causing some stomachs to turn

Here we go, Hot Wieners, here we go! *clap clap* Here we go, Hot Wieners, here we go! *clap clap*

If you're thinking of getting the full Rhode Island experience this week, why not stop by McCoy Stadium on Thursday while the Paw So-- I mean Hot Wieners are hosting the Durham Bulls. You read that correctly, the Paw Sox will be switching their name to Hot Wieners for one game only, and they are going ALL OUT.

The first 50 fans wearing their best Hot Wieners merchandise will be entered into a hot wieners-eating contest. Again, you read that correctly, there is going to be merchandise sold. Besides the eating contest, there will be food trucks around McCoy Stadium, and allegedly a wiener dog parade.

Also, hilariously, there will be a poll where fans can vote for their favorite way to have their wieners: "all the way," "naked," or "salt and sauce." Also, if you ask for ketchup on your wiener, you will be asked to leave the stadium.

Is it just me, or is this just the weirdest? In a year of over-the-top headlines, I feel like this one is near the top of the list. Is there a legitimate reason why the Paw Sox are going to change their name to Hot Wieners for a random Thursday in August? No. Will there be any doubt that this will be me walking into McCoy Stadium on a random Thursday in August?