Athletes are itching to get back into action and fans are desperate for sports, but due to COVID-19, the return to the fields has been slow.

In order to get these players on their respective fields, it appears organizations are trying to cover all of their bases before opening stadiums. According to reports, the NFL is considering requiring fans attending games this season to sign liability waivers, which would prevent fans from suing the NFL if they were to contract the coronavirus.

I love attending sporting events, but the need for a waiver is a red flag to me that we may be rushing into the idea of live events with a stadium full of people a little too soon.

I love watching sports live. Fenway Park is one of the greatest places on earth and Gillette Stadium has its appeal as well. The NFL is eager to return to stadiums this fall, but my question is, how will they be able to keep fans safe and is a waiver the right answer?

Seeing how attending a sporting event is a choice, I agree with the waiver. If you decide to catch a Pats game this fall and, God forbid, you caught the virus, it doesn’t seem very fair to turn around and blame Gillette Stadium, so I understand the NFL’s logic in covering its own behind. And since I agree with the waiver, I will not be attending stadium gatherings any time soon.

When I reminisce on the last football game I attended, the stadium was jam-packed with screaming fans, drinks were being spilled, food was being tossed around, and the bathrooms were not exactly pretty. I trust that the stadiums will put forth an extreme effort to abide by the new rules and regulations, but it’s that fear of “what if” that gives me the most anxiety, and will keep me at home for much of the year when it comes to sporting events.

What do you think? Do you see yourself attending any large gatherings this year? Tell us how you feel and why in the comments on our Facebook page.

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