We've been waiting for weeks, and finally our first shipment of Michael Rock dolls just came into the FUN 107 Studios. Now you can talk to Michael Rock and it responds!

We think that this will be the #1 holiday gift for the upcoming season, so if you put your orders in now, you can have your very own Michael Rock doll by Thanksgiving. Your child's eyes will light up when he or she hears some of Michael's catch phrases. It's even a learning tool as well. It's fluent in German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Russian. Just speak to Michael Rock what you want it to translate, hit the button on his back and get an accurate translation in whatever language you wish to hear.

Orders are being taken right here on FUN 107.com and you can have your Michael Rock doll for the super low price of $300. Hurry, because this hot holiday item will go fast!

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