When it comes to colds I think guys handle being sick much worse than women do. And lucky me, the man flu has hit my house already!

What is it about being sick that guys hate so much? Cause I know when my husband gets sick he seems almost mad about it. Like he's angry at his cold. It's weird to me.

Don't get me wrong, I hate being sick. Feeling bad and having a fever are awful, but they don't make me mad. I'm not sure I'd have the energy to be mad at my cold when it's a really bad one. Not to mention a day in bed binge watching cheesy movies or soap operas isn't that bad.

So why are guy's so bad at being sick?

Some think guys simply hate being that vulnerable. Not being able to do things for themselves makes them feel weak and un-manly, so they lash out and act moody about it.

Others say they go the big baby route so that someone will take care of them. Overacting weak and sick gets them that motherly attention they got when they were younger.

Whatever the reason, I really don't like it when my husband is sick. I do indeed take care of him, get him cold medicine, make soup, the whole nine. But the moodiness can be a bit much.

So is it just me? Does your significant other get a case of man flu every time a cold hits too?

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