I can't believe I'm saying these words, but I've joined a book club.

It's not just any book club, it's a book club specifically for men. Men who are searching for answers that life just doesn't give as handouts, but can only be obtained through deep thought and conversation with other men.

The idea of a men's-only club may come off as a bit sexist to some, but in fact, it's more along the lines of how to improve your own mental health by sharing personal stories and discussing what it means to be a man today and how far we've come throughout history.

Primitive motifs are not uncommon and should be embraced as a part of our DNA and natural instincts. Raw and bottled-up emotions can determine how we relate and react to everyday situations. These are the deep conversations that make up the book club that I've recently decided to join.

I put it upon myself to start reading again as part of my 2021 list of resolutions, so when a good friend of mine asked if I wanted to join, I saw it as the perfect motivation to begin my new chapter (pun intended).

As of now, it's only six of us in a Zoom room, but it's a start. We have chosen to begin with the book The Way of Men by Jack Donovan as our first choice to discuss. Meetings are weekly on Wednesdays and normally last about an hour to an hour and a half. Within that time frame, we discuss not only our reading assignment for the week but also what's been our minds that we'd like to discuss as a group of guys.

After one session of conversing and venting to the group, I noticed a weight of some sort was lifted from my shoulders and I felt mentally stronger and clearer of mind. Certain questions I've been pondering may not have been answered per se, but I'm anticipating a persistent attendance along my new journey to better myself, mentally, so I can better the world and my surroundings.


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