When you ask someone to spend forever with you it's both amazing and absolutely terrifying!

I mean really think about it for a minute! That's a BIG QUESTION. "Oh Hey, so want to like spend the rest of your entirely life dealing with me?" It's a big ask! It's legit one of the biggest life decisions you're ever going to make. So be prepared for it to be one of the most amazing and nerve wracking moments of your life. (Trust me I may look calm in that picture, but inside I was both crazy happy and insanely nervous).

First of all, there's the ring. Unless they've been dropping hints or straight up told you what they want for a ring, you're in the dark. You've got to find the right ring for the right person. Something that when they see it their first thought isn't "ew." Let the nerve wracking begin and we haven't even got to the part where you have to figure out how to pay for it.

Next is planning the whole thing. If you love this person enough to want to spend forever with them, don't you think the proposal should be something to remember? Doing it after eating some Mac-n-Cheese in your sweats together is probably NOT the best time, but who knows. Trying to find the perfect way to do it is HARD. If you ask me I think mixing in something personal and special is a winning formula. (My fiance is a dancer so I mixed in a dance class to add something special to remember).

Now once you've got the ring and you've planned out the proposal and what you're going to say, it's smooth sailing right? NOPE. Now it's game time! I promise you no matter who you are, when it's getting close to go time you'll get SOOOOOOO nervous. That's a good thing though! Take a deep breath and remember why. Why you picked them. Why you've put in all this work and why a future with them is going to be spectacular.

The scariest part is waiting for the yes, even if you KNOW it's going to be a yes! It could be just 3 seconds and feel like an eternity while you wait, but once you get that yes... IT'S FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC.

Enjoy everything about it. Enjoy the reactions. The shock. The thought of how your whole relationship just upgraded and most of all enjoy each other. There's so much fun ahead and so much to do so get ready for that wild whirlwind of getting ready for the next big day... The wedding! Good Luck! Cheers!

Picture Courtesy: Array Media
Picture Courtesy: Array Media



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