If you're interested in enrolling in healthcare and you don't want to pay penalties, there's still some time, but not much.
This Sunday, February 15th, is the last day to sign up for healthcare for the year 2015.  If you miss that deadline, there won't be another chance to sign up this year, and you'll have to wait until 2016 to enroll.
Waiting a year might not be so bad if you don't get sick, but, you will get hit with a pretty big penalty when you go to file your 2015 taxes.  The penalty goes up each year, rising from $95 per person in 2014, to a minimum of $325 per adult in 2015.  That's a pretty big jump!
Now, if you continue to push the envelope in 2016 and are still without health coverage, then you'll be subject to a fine of more than double the 2015 fine....you'll be looking at paying a penalty to the tune of $695 per person.  Eek!  Don't let that happen!  I bet you can think of a million better ways to spend almost 700 bucks!

Don't waste your money on penalties, but instead, spend them on keeping you and your family healthy.  Enroll now, before Sunday's deadline, at healthcare.gov.

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