I love opening my mailbox and seeing personalized letters inside instead of bills and coupons, and around the holidays there is always an influx of special mail thanks to holiday cards from friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, I love the gesture and I love hanging them up proudly for the month of December, but hear me out when I ask this: are holiday cards really worth the time and effort?

These days, it’s never just a standard card that says something cheerful and signed with love. Nowadays, holiday cards are a collage of photos from a photoshoot in the fall where the sender dragged their kids wearing matching sweaters as they sweat under the sun because it’s not cold enough yet in New England, and the child is clearly disheveled from crying throughout the entire experience.

The holiday cards with just animals on the front are even better. It’s usually a dog with a Santa hat on its head with a face looking up that says, “Really?”

My point is that there is an extreme amount of effort put into these personalized holiday cards now, but for what?

Again, I love receiving them and giving them. My friends and family put together beautiful cards each and every year, but every single year, I throw them out with the used wrapping paper rolls, leaving me with guilt that I just threw it out. But where do I keep it? Do I stash it in my nightstand for years to come?

I’m truly not trying to downplay the warmth I get when I receive a holiday card, and I will most likely send out a batch of my own, but I do feel the need to present this question. Is all that effort and money worth the 30 days on my mantle?

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