Things got really heated in my house over the weekend as we started to drag the Christmas decorations out of the basement. 

Abby | TSM
Abby | TSM

Every year growing up, my mom decorated our tree and outside and inside decorations with white lights. I remember her saying how much she hated the multi-colored lights and we never had a single strand in our house. When I moved out on my own, whether it was putting up lights for year-round use in a space, or for the holidays, I only have ever used white lights. They match with everything, make any spot look a little more magical, and just feel cozy.

Last Christmas, much to my boyfriend's disapproval, I dug out my fake Christmas tree that is silver and black and matches the mostly grey interior of our house. The ornaments on the tree start with bright teal and silver on the bottom and fade up to black at the top, perfectly matching the tree. I love it. He, however, grew up with trees that had the multi-color lights and mismatched ornaments that are passed down from year to year.

This year, he won the battle on the inside decorating. We got a real tree, strung multi-colored lights and used multi-colored ornaments, and even swapped out the white lights that hang year-round around our fireplace for bright bulbs.

My OCD has definitely been tested with the switch to multi-colored but I have to is pretty.

I KNOW I can't be the only one who strongly picks sides on this. So are you team multi-colored or team white lights?


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