On Sunday's 'The Amazing Race' finale, Jason and Amy won the grand prize of a million dollars. How has it changed their lives? Now, that they've been seen nationally on TV, can they go back to their normal lives, or will they ride this fantastic wave into stardom? We spoke to them this morning (12/11) on the FUN Morning Show.

I have never met anyone that had a million dollars, or I should say, I didn't realize I was working with a millionaire at the time, when I worked with Amy in Rhode Island a year ago.

I wonder how it'll change the holidays. Is their just one vacation spot they'll go to, or will it be an endless fun time in the sun, and around the world. The country is now Jason and Amy's playground, where they go from there is completely in their hands. A million dollars can add so much good to your life, plus those around you.

Here's their interview from Wednesday morning.

Congratulations again to Jason and Amy! I know you're not married or even engaged yet, but I'm sure your experience on 'The Amazing Race' has solidified your relationship and then some.