Carl Baxter refers to himself as a former Swansea Mall rat. He used to hang at the mall when much bigger crowds would pack the hotspot on Friday and Saturday nights. Packs of teenagers would roam around the mall for hours. They'd buy very little, but they'd make it a night out. That's why Carl says he's not worried about the lack of open stores tonight.

"It was never about the stores, it wasn't about the stores back then," says Carl.

Carl is encouraging people to dress in 80's and 90's clothes and says he's expecting to see one or two Charlotte Hornets Starter jackets.

We asked Carl if the mall was aware of the event. He shrugged his shoulder and said that he supposed they've probably heard about it by now but that he's more of an "ask forgiveness than permission" kind of guy.

The event starts tonight at 6 at the Swansea Mall. It is expected to run until 8, but Carl says that he secretly hopes to get kicked out "one last time" from his teenage hangout.


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Two antiques. Fortunately the car is in better shape than the mall. #ltdcrownvictoria

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