Whether we like it or not parents... it's that time of year when we welcome our little elf friend back into our homes for the Christmas season.

Just when you got used to "not" having him or her around, here we go again.  Am I the only one who is running out of ideas on where the Elf on the Shelf should hang out each day?  I feel like every other parent or guardian taking part in this somewhat new tradition, has it completely planned out and I am the clueless one.




I did splurge and purchase "Joey" the Elf a new set of Christmas PJ's to wear this year.  Is that nuts?  Not according to every other mom on my Facebook feed.  In fact, I think I'm mild compared to how some family members and friends of mine go over the top with their daily photo of their Elf's activities each day of the week.  It is hilarious!





How many Facebook Elf on the Shelf posts is TOO many?



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