I know I'm not the first to say it, but Christmas can not come soon enough.

While scrolling through my Facebook, I came across this bright green box that caught my eye. Upon taking a closer look, I was shocked to realize that it's not only a holiday advent calendar with wine, it's an advent calendar with FULL bottles of wine – 24 bottles, to be precise.

Growing up, one of my favorite traditions around Christmas time was waking up on December 1 to a chocolate advent calendar. Of course, the chocolate was always stale and tasted like chalk, but it was still exciting. Every year, my mother would buy one for my brother and me and it was all part of that holiday magic that comes around once a year.

Now that Costco is offering a calendar for adults, this completely changes the game.

Unfortunately for anyone who lives here on the SouthCoast, I'm sure you're already aware that the closest Costco Wholesale is in Avon – located at 120 Stockwell Drive – but is only about a 45-minute drive. I don't know about you, but that's not that far away.

According to Costco, the giant box of wine costs $97.99 and includes 24 375ml bottles, which sadly is only half the size of a normal bottle of wine, but it's still better than opening up a piece of chocolate that already went bad.

The real question is: what are you still doing here? Close out this article and grab your car keys. There's an adult advent calendar at Costco with your name on it.

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