I’ve been working in Fairhaven for 24 hours and I’ve heard about this “cheese roll” maybe a hundred times already!

When I heard the term “cheese roll," I pictured something similar to a legitimate roll of cheese, but when I learned that it’s warm, gooey cheese in the middle of soft bread, my curiosity was certainly piqued.

Here’s the best part: the opportunity to try one presented itself. I left the studio in search of a good coffee shop close by (a necessity for my way of life).

“Ya gotta go to the Nook,” Gazelle said, without skipping a beat.

I left the studio, excited to try a new place, and when I arrived, I couldn’t help but smile. Nestled in the main drag of a neighborhood, I pulled up in front of the shop, quickly realizing how fitting the name was. Upon entering, my eyes were drawn to the Fender guitars hanging on the wall and the Wrestlemania shrine hanging above an old-school Nintendo. I found myself wondering how peaceful it must be to sit at the table by the bay window, sipping a cold brew, and reading my books. A must-do once this social distancing thing is over and done with.

After I scanned the extensive choices of drinks, I landed on the Iced Caramel Latte, and just as I was about to pay, I spotted them.

“Are those cheese rolls?" I asked. The lovely woman behind the counter smirked and said “Is this your first time?”

Was I that obvious?

“You should go with the linguica and cheese roll, it’s even better than the original,” she said. I didn’t want to tell her that I’m a wimp when it comes to spices, I had already looked like a weirdo who didn’t know what a cheese roll was! I opted for the original recipe.

She heated it up, handed me my latte, and I was on my way for an official taste test. Would it be as good as everyone says it is?

I took one bite and I realized the hype was very real. The way the melty cheese blends in with the warm, doughy bread is something that any carb-supporter would appreciate.

Well done, SouthCoast, well done.

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