This is the first Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in 150 years, but it will be very limited for those of us who are on the Southcoast.  According to this historic eclipse will happen on January 31st, and it's actually the 2nd fulll month of this month.

The full "Supermoon" will pass between the sun and the earth, and it's shadow causes the full lunar eclipse.  However, for North America the eclipse will be visible during the early morning hours.  For the New Bedford area, the first signs of the eclipse will be visible at 5:49 a,m.  We'll need to look in the western sky because the moon sets right before 7 a.m., and just before sunrise.

If you really want to see as much of the blue moon elcipse as possible, you'd need to find an area that has a clear view to the west.  The Horesneck Beach area of Westport might be the best bet.  You'll see the eclipse as the moon sets over the water.

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