Growing up, I was infatuated with blue cheese.

Whether it was on one of those charcuterie boards with the fancy figs or crumbled on top of chef or Cobb salad, it was always the best part. When it comes to digging out the leftover crumbles at the bottom of the blue cheese containers that come along with chicken wings, I have no shame in my game.

To some, it comes off as disgusting and I can totally understand why. After all, it is moldy cheese that for some reason doesn't make you sick, and still tastes delicious at the same time. If you ask me, the chunkier, the better.

One of my favorite "go-to" drinks at a fancy restaurant is a dirty martini with Tito's vodka and those heavenly blue cheese-stuffed green olives. You bet your biscuits I ask for extra olives with my cocktail. It compliments pasta and grilled chicken like nobody's business.

When I'm out and about and I'm craving a Buffalo burger, I'll ask for extra blue cheese crumbles to top it off. If it falls out of the bun, then it's a bonus meal in my eyes. Ordering a BLT? I'll most likely add chicken and blue cheese for a complimentary bonus. Even if my salad has blue cheese crumbles in it, I'll still ask for blue cheese dressing.

There's just something so tasty about the pungent-smelling cheese that I'm addicted to and I have my father to thank for that. It's always blue cheese over ranch with my Buffalo tenders and I know that many will disagree with that statement. However, blue cheese will always be the OG dipping sauce, period.

OK, perhaps I do have a bit of a problem when it comes to blue cheese, but I just can't help it. My French side comes out at the dinner table at times and when it does, there most likely will be an order of something with either a side of blue cheese or simply drenched over the top like it's going out of style.

As I leave you with my "Ode to Blue Cheese," I'll finish by stating that if you don't like blue cheese, then that's your prerogative and I'm not one to judge. Just make sure you pass it my way if it comes with your meal and I'll be glad to take it off your plate – literally.

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