If you're tired of dishing out money for your kids to buy video game apps, coins and skins and would like to see them outside for a change, you're going to love this new app.

In our world, it goes like this: my kids both love their video games and all of the accessories that go with them. You've got the PS4 console, remote, headphones (which are way more expensive than they should be) and don't forget the actual video games at 50 bucks a whack.

On top of all this, they now say they need things like skins for "Fortnite," accessories, clothing and weapons for certain games they play like "Minecraft." Yeah right, they NEED them, or is it they just want these these things?

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Well, we got fed up with not only giving them money to pay for this stuff but also them spending their gift money from birthdays and holidays. We agreed on an allowance of $20 a month to use towards video game "stuff."

TSM/christine fox

The other day my son requested to download an app called Sweatcoin. Before approving it, I asked him what it was. He told me it's an app that allows him to earn points towards video game coins and accessories by walking outside an acquiring steps. I thought to myself; this is too good to be true and a brilliant idea. This gets the kids outside for some fresh air exercising AND helps them get "stuff" for their video games at no actual cost.

The app tracks your steps (outside only, by the way) and converts those steps into money. They need to make sure they have their phone with them during the walk and the GPS needs to be turned on.

TSM/christine fox

It's Day 3 with this app and so far both of my boys have been outside doing laps around the neighborhood. They're happy, and I'm thrilled, too.