Two days remain for Brian Tjersland and Josh Milich as their 500-mile journey that began on Cape Cod is finally close to its completion.


Day 10: Total Distance = 440 Miles

The boys woke up this morning with high spirits as the realization set in that the finish line was close. Milich and Tjersland's pace increased tremendously as the thought of having less than 100 miles remaining took over as motivation.

"They're excited," New Bedford Police Officer Donnie Williams told Fun 107. "They had a really solid run today and picked it up a little quicker."

As Milich and Tjersland crossed over into Maryland, they were welcomed with a lot of hills and farmland that stretched on for miles along the way.

"Josh met a horse along the roadside and decided to stop and have a full-blown conversation with it, making clicking noises and horse sounds," Williams said jokingly.

The weather in Maryland was fair, but a little cloudy for the runners who were joined by a new face and a Mission 22 leader/supporter.

"Brian's wife Cindy came out to join them today and ran with them most of the day," Williams said, "Jared (Mission 22 Ambassador) ran the whole day (38 miles), ending in Maryland."

When it comes to fueling the body throughout the run, Milich and Tjersland have different methods. This day alone, Milich ate 21 Oreo cookies; cookies have been his lifeline along the way. As for Tjersland, I was told by Williams that he will eat anything you put in front of him, eating large dinners each night. This particular night, Tjersland housed down nachos, shepherd's pie and a steak sandwich to prep for tomorrow's run, ending at the Annapolis Hotel in Maryland.

With only two days remaining, Milich and Tjersland will be running shorter distances to each checkpoint, giving them more time to rest, reset and heal.

I purchased my ticket to Virginia to meet up with the boys and raise their morale on their final leg of the journey. Joining them by their side, I'll be running the final 10 miles until we all reach the Arlington National Cemetery, united as one.

Day 11 will take the two men to Annapolis, Maryland.

Here's how you can track Milich and Tjersland along their 500-mile adventure:

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