Morning came quickly for Bryan Tjersland and Josh Milich as they geared up for a 43.9-mile run in frigid weather.

Day 3: Total Distance = 151 Miles

Word has been spreading fast, far and wide about the two men who set out to run 500 miles for veteran suicide awareness.

From the moment Tjersland and Milich departed from their hotel to the very end, they were greeted with open arms by the American Legion of Connecticut. It was yet another cold day in New England, making today's route chilly, but thankfully for them, there was nothing but sunshine.

"We stepped outside and it was about 18 degrees with a five-degree windchill," Tjersland said. "Compared to yesterday, it was colder and the wind was stronger, but at least we were dry."

The Camelbacks that kept the runners hydrated froze instantly when they stepped outside, but it was a positive attitude and good planning that affected the total outcome of today's run.

"Today was a really good day," Milich said,. "It might have been cold, but we dressed for it appropriately and as long as we were well-bundled, we were comfortable."

Upon arrival to the Fairfield Inn by Marriot in Wallingford, Milich's feet had been pushing the threshold of physicality and pain level.

"My feet are in and out of ice right now, I'm working on them. A little ice and a little ibuprofen should do the trick, but for now they are extremely sore and sensitive- throbbing is a good word to describe them," he said. "We have 50 miles tomorrow, so hopefully I can make them feel better."

Unlike yesterday, there were no surprise detours and the veterans got to enjoy a running trail along the way.

"We got to run 10 miles on the Air Line State Park Trail, which was a nice change of scenery," Tjersland told Fun 107.

Over the last two days, the men were finishing their daily route an hour or two ahead of arrival time, but today, they were on schedule.

"We did good today," Tjersland said with confidence. "We were running around 15 miles on average for a total of 45 miles."

I asked them if they missed home yet, especially their significant others.

"My wife is going to be flying in to meet us on Tuesday in Baltimore and will be finishing the final three days with us," Tjersland said. "She's also an ultra-runner."

"My wife Victoria is actually here with me right now," Milich said. "It's nice to have her here, it feels like home."

Knowing how bitter it was today, I was constantly checking in on Milich and Tjersland on their GPS:

Along the way, Milich and Tjersland were kept company by runners and supporters alike. I'm happy to say that I'll be making my way down there for the final arm of the journey to cheer on these American heroes and their selfless act to bring an ultimate wave of awareness to this beautiful country that was built by the very people who struggle on the daily with PTSD.

Milich and Tjersland are not only veterans, running for change, they are the difference this country needed.

Day 4 will take the two men through the final leg of Connecticut from Wallingford to Norwalk for a total of 43.9 miles.

Throughout the week, I will be checking in with the runners and their team to bring you a day-to-day update on their journey. Although we may not be able to be there physically, we can always be there in spirit by supporting Milich and Tjersland as they make their way down to Arlington.

Here's how you can track Milich and Tjersland along their 500-mile adventure:

Click below to help donate towards their goal of $100,000:

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