As an entertainer, every year I look forward to watching the VMA's. To me this particular award show has the best of the best when it comes to performers. After last nights 2013 VMA performances, I felt it was very necessary to give my opinion on how I felt about them, and I'm not going to hold back so brace yourself.

The 2013 VMA's opened up with a red carpet performance by Austin Mahone, who cant dance and Ariana Grande, who has an amazing voice for such a little person. The was all leading up to a performance from Lady Gaga.

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Sorry to break it to all you little monsters, but her performance was not her best and I guess Lady Gaga decided to channel her inner mermaid or maybe she just wanted to reminisce on her old stripper days. I mean come on, why did she feel the need to wear a thong? Her performance had no concept behind the reason she gave for writing the song.

Moving onto more outrageous antics Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's performance followed right after, and I'll just say this Miley knew exactly what she was doing. This performance is the most talked about performance of the entire 2013 VMA's. She must have taken some entertainment lessons from KISS band member Gene Simmons and style tips from comedian Jim Carrey because I don't know how else to explain this craziness. I can no longer look at a teddy bear the same way.

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And just as I thought "here's Robin Thicke to save the performance" nope. Instead someone should have saved him from Miley's ratchet antics and possibly told him to hit the gym,don't know if anyone else noticed but Robin Thicke was for sure rocking a bit of a belly that hung over his pants.

Next came a performance by Kanye West, and that's the end of my statement there. At this point the 2013 VMA's are not showing the best of the best performances instead they are showing the craziest of the crazies but finally,here comes Justin Timberlake to save the entire award show.

I could go on and on about this performance but Jimmy Fallon said it best Justin Timberlake IS the president of pop and yes Justin you do still run this ish and after the history making reunion performance of NSYNC happened, which I shed tears over. There's no one is this world that could ever otherwise debate that statement.

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The performance of "Same Love" by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis,and Mary Lambert was just beautiful. It was amazing to watch Jennifer Hudson join in.

Drakes performance was typical, but Bruno Mars' performance surprisingly was not.

Katy Perry's performance, which ended the night, was just so much fun and still gave out a great message. Miley Cyrus could learn something from this woman.

So there you have it,my opinion in black and white on the performances that took place during the 2013 VMA's.