The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is a staple to the SouthCoast community every year, and it's heartbreaking to face the reality that hundreds of thousands of people will not be flocking to New Bedford this year for the annual festivities.

While friends and family will not be enjoying traditional Portuguese foods, there is still a chance to enjoy good music and take a stroll down memory lane, thanks to The Feast’s official Facebook page. Grab your feshta hat and get ready for the virtual Feast!

In place of the traditional, weekend-long feast, the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament page will be streaming entertainment from years past, dubbing this weekend “Feast Memories.” Last night began the weekend-long celebration of sharing concerts from previous events, with the Queen cover band taking the spotlight for night number one.

Gazelle and I took to Facebook to see which bands were some of the favorite main stage acts, and results varied in genre from Bad Fish to Jorge Ferreira – a sure sign that there is never a disappointing performance. The page is accompanying previous concerts with heartwarming photos of feast-goers from the previous years, as well as awe-inspiring performances from acts such as the beloved Grupo Folclorico do Clube Madeirense S. S. Sacramento.

The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament Facebook page will be filled with wonderful memories of friends and family coming together to celebrate the Portuguese culture and showing off their pride at the largest Portuguese celebration in the nation.

I haven’t been lucky enough to attend a full-blown feast just yet. I can only hope that by 2021, we can come together as a community once again and take over the streets of New Bedford as we rejoice in celebration.

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