I almost made it out of the new online-meeting trend unscathed, until this past Wednesday when I shared my computer screen to over 100 employees without realizing it. It’s the modern-day blunder that gives any person immediate anxiety, and after my rookie mistake, I thought my job was done for.

It all started when I was conducting a PowerPoint presentation online. Over a hundred employees from the company joined in as Michael and I spoke about Fun 107. We crushed the presentation, but it was what took place after that left me sweating bullets.

I thought I was done sharing my screen. I could have sworn I ended the “screen share” option. As the meeting continued, I decided to open my text messages on my desktop and text Michael. I thought of a funny joke and wanted to share my humor. Turns out the joke was on me.

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“I can see your screen, exit out,” texted Michael.

“You’re still on share mode,” texted another employee.

“I can see what you’re doing,” said another.

My heart sank, my hands froze, and I put on the best poker face I could as I realized that everyone in attendance could see my computer.

Texts from my fiancé, pictures on the landing page, everything.

Thankfully, there was nothing detrimental that was seen, but the damage was done. I fell victim to what so many other businesspeople have fallen victim to over the past year.

I can’t decide what is worse, my terrible joke or the fact that my fellow employees now know that I call my fiancé “honey bunny.”

If you thought you were on mute when you weren't or have shared your screen like me, you feel my pain.

Internet: 1, Maddie: 0.

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