Mrs. Sarah de Medeiros is a third-grade teacher at Freetown Elementary School in Freetown, and thanks to her effort of going above and beyond for her students, she is April's Teacher of the Month.

Here's what some of the people in her life had to say about her:

1. Mrs. Sara d’Medeiros is an amazing young woman. She is a very young teacher with the patience of a saint. I am raising my 8-year-old granddaughter who is currently in Mrs. D’s class. Chloe comes home from school always feeling empowered and tells me “Mammi, Mrs. D has 19 of us all at once in a little room for hours and she never ever yells at us. No matter how bad someone might be behaving she NEVER raises her voice. Isn’t that amazing?” Of course, I had to agree, that is absolutely amazing. Sarah is absolutely a role model for our children. She allows them to engage and discuss amongst each other a plan of action to problem solve as a team. She treats each child as an individual and does not put absurd expectations on them. She challenges each child as an individual. She goes above and beyond to make sure she understands each child’s needs. She is a remarkable young lady who deserves the world. Mrs. D is an asset to FES and our community. I am grateful as a grandmother raising her granddaughter to have Mrs. D Medeiros in our lives. She deserves to be teacher of the month EVERY month! We love you Mrs. D - Class of 2023

2. Mrs. D makes such a huge impact on each of her students, going above and beyond to make those personal connections with each one of her students.

3. Sarah is a great teacher! She is the kind of teacher that makes a difference for kids that are lucky enough to have her. She is kind, never gets angry and never tells. She talks to the kids with respect

4. She makes such an absolute connection with her students that was seen quickly in the academic year. She finds ways to encourage and build confidence in her students. Allows us parents to be involved in little ways to send surprise notes to school for our kids. Not only is her time seen in the classroom setting, but also with her involvement during PTO meetings and school committee presentations. Our son almost daily will say he is lucky because he has the BEST TEACHER EVER!

5. She drinks PRIME & shoots hoops with the kids!

Congratulations to Mrs. De Medeiros for being Fun 107's SouthCoast Teacher of the Month. As the winner of this month’s award, she will receive a $200 Amazon gift card so she can continue to make her classroom a fun place to learn for all students.

A special thank you to our sponsors A&M Driving School, McDonald’s, Bay State Gymnastics Academy, First Citizens Federal Credit Union, and Prima Care for helping to make this classroom even better.

Do you have a special teacher in your life? Nominate them and they could be our next Teacher of the Month!

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