Digging a little deeper into Taylor Swift's Netflix documentary Miss Americana, I found a sweet spot where she talks about falling in love with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Taylor has also made another new move and announced it on her Instagram on Thursday.

And one of my favorite music gals, Demi Lovato, is embarking on an entirely new project: talk show host. So cool right? I think she's going to be amazing at this. Pillow Talk with Demi Lovato will be coming to Quibli sometime soon.

"I've always considered myself someone that speaks honestly about issues that face my generation," Demi said. "We're excited to bring these frank conversations to a public forum, where people can have the opportunity to relate to the topics and guests, while finding room for laughter and learning."

Demi and her manager Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, JD Roth and Adam Green are set to executive produce the show. Can't wait!

Oh, this just in – Netflix is denying a report it spent more than $100 million on campaigns for its films that have racked up two dozen Oscar nominations. The Wall Street Journal reported the streaming giant spent most of that serious money promoting feature films The Irishman and Marriage Story. Both are nominated for Best Picture but the head of original films for Netflix denied the $100 million buy and said he doesn't think Netflix is doing anything "that everyone else isn't doing."

Last-minute beauty regimens are underway, famous people are starving to look their very best, and acceptance speeches are being tweaked and re-written; that is to say, the 92nd Academy Awards are this Sunday and nobody is more excited than me.

LEGO Oscars trophy
Robyn Beck, Getty Images

If you have ever wondered just how much it costs to be a part of or to put on this type of awards show, I've got some pretty crazy stats for you. WalletHub has compiled some stats for the 2020 Oscars, from what it costs to pull off the event to how much one of those coveted golden guys cost. Here are the highlights:

87th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room
Steve Granitz, WireImage

$44 Million -- Total cost of Oscars ceremony.
$10M -- Total cost of the red carpet look for an A-list actress attending the Oscars. Drops to $1.5 million on average and $266,000 for a first-time attendee.
$2.6M+ -- Cost of a 30-second commercial during the Oscars telecast, which is 54% less than Super Bowl ad rates.
$24.7K -- Cost of the 16,500-square-foot Oscars red carpet.
$18.1 million -- Most expensive-ever Oscars ensemble, worn by Oscar winner Cate Blanchett in 2014.
$100 million -- What Hollywood studios shell out to lobby their films for the Academy Awards.
$130 million -- Economic boost the Oscars give to Los Angeles.
$15 million -- Average boost to the box office returns for the Best Picture winner.
$148,000 -- Full retail cost of everything in the Oscar presenters' goodie bags.
$30,000 -- Most expensive item in the 2019 bag, which was a series of non-surgical rejuvenation treatments.
$400 -- Current value of the 24-karat gold-plated Oscar statuette.
20% -- Average salary boost for a best actor/actress winner.

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