This weekend my kids will be seeing their first (and maybe last) baseball game at McCoy Stadium.

It's been a rite of passage of sorts for so many kids in Rhode Island and beyond and now I am finally doing it with my own children.

A PawSox game at McCoy Stadium.

As someone who grew up in Pawtucket, I have been to more than my fair share of PawSox games. And though I'm admittedly not a huge baseball fan myself, my father is. And with the stadium pretty much walking distance from my childhood home, we were at there all the time.

So it's a real bummer to me that the team is in its last years at this legendary park.

I never really expected to take my own kids to McCoy as much I as went, but I really thought I was going to have more time and opportunity to take them throughout their childhoods.

But since I obviously don't, I've just gotta go for it now.

I still think they're a bit young - my oldest is only four and the baby just nine months - but I want to at least say we went and have the photographic evidence to prove it.

So we are just going for it this Sunday and heading to McCoy.

Here's hoping we make it past the first inning!

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