The holiday season is magical and filled with so many opportunities to create beautiful memories with your family. Here's how you can take the financial stress out of it.

Christmas tree decorated with presents

We look forward to the holiday season all year long - the lights, the food, the time with family and friends, the general spirit of magic and coziness in the air. But for a lot of people, the holidays are also a time of stress and worry as they try to figure out how to pay for gifts, a trip to see family, car repairs as the weather turns, and much more.

Westport Federal Credit Union wants every family to be able to enjoy their holidays without the worry of how they're going to pay for things to make the year magical and bright. That's why they offer their 'Whatevah Loan'. With the loan, you can pay for whatever it is you might need to finance in the coming months and have a repayment plan in place before the new year.

If you head down to Westport Federal on Rt. 6, ask for Katie and she can help you apply for your Whatevah Loan. All you need is a valid ID and recent check stubs. Visit Westport Federal online for more information.

Looking for a personal loan? They are a great way to pay off some of your school debt and consolidate. Here is an easy guide to applying for personal loans at Westport Federal Credit Union. 

Dollars & Sense is sponsored content brought to you by Westport Federal Credit Union. Visit a branch on State Road or Main Road in Westport or online to learn more about their loans, EZ Banking, rates, or to open an account. 



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