Whether you need an auto loan or a personal loan, it only takes a few steps to apply for one at Westport Federal Credit Union. 

For someone who considers myself pretty decent with finances, I still feel like I am kind of in the dark about what it actually takes to apply for a personal loan or a mortgage. When I think back on my student loan experience, all I remember is it being so daunting and very scary. So I decided to ask Katie from Westport Federal Credit Union to give me the breakdown and it's actually an insanely easy process.

What kind of loans do you offer at Westport Federal Credit Union?

Auto loans, mortgages, personal loans (like the Whatevah loan - which can be used for WHATEVER like car repairs, vacations, weddings, or honeymoons) and we can refinance any existing loans you may have.

What do you need to apply for a personal loan? 

At Westport Federal, you can get approved for a personal loan by bringing in your I.D. and two recent pay stubs. You DO need to establish an account with WFCU but that only requires a savings account with $5 in it.

Is it hard to refiance an auto or existing loan? 

If you are looking to refiance an auto loan, you need an I.D., 2 recent pay stubs, details of vehicle, and a payoff letter from your current lender. You can get same-day approval for this so the process is pretty painless!

Where do I apply for loans? Do I have to come in to a branch?

You can apply for a personal and auto loan online and then email your application for approvoal. For mortgages, you do need to go in for a meeting.

Dollars & Sense is sponsored content brought to you by Westport Federal Credit Union. Visit a branch on on State Road or Main Road in Westport or online to learn more about their loans, EZ Banking, rates, or to open an account. 


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