Like so many other things, Fun 107's Food for Tots has had a turbulent year. The program was launched in support of the Friends of Jack Foundation's efforts to make the world-class healthcare in Boston as easily accessible as possible to our children here on the SouthCoast.

We'd partner with our favorite local restaurants in each city and town on the SouthCoast and encourage our audience to go there on Food for Tots nights. Customers wouldn't have to do anything, or say anything, but 15 percent of their orders would be donated to the Friends of Jack Foundation.

Food for Tots was an instant hit, raising thousands each time we did it, which was once a month.

The program hit a little speed bump as we prepared to launch another season of Food for Tots this spring. COVID-19 threatened the program, shutting down restaurant dining rooms. Additionally, we simply couldn't ask restaurant owners to donate knowing the financial struggles each of them was having during the shutdown.

Instead, we pivoted and created Food for Docs. Instead of asking restaurants to donate a percentage of their sales, the Friends of Jack Foundation would buy the food from the restaurants and bring it to doctors, nurses, CNAs, and the staff of healthcare facilities across the SouthCoast. The program was supplemented by local businesses making donations to the foundation.

Now that we've entered Phase 2, we have decided to pivot again. Take-Out for Tots will begin on Thursday, June 18. Simply order take out from any Take-Out for Tots participating restaurant and 10 percent of your order will be donated to the Friends of Jack Foundation. Restaurants include The End Zone in New Bedford, Portas Da Cidade Westport, On the Go in Mattapoisett, and Scotty's Pub in Fall River.

Please consider taking out from one of these restaurants on June 18.

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