If you haven't heard it yet, the remix/mash-up of Taylor Swift's new song using the sample from these guys is something to hear.


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This morning on the Rock and Fox Show we shared with you the mash-up remix of Taylor Swift and Right Said Fred.  I know, you're probably like, who?  Right Said Fred?  Remember the "I'm Too Sexy" song?  That's the one. It definitely adds some WOW to the song, that's for sure.




Anyhow, the story is, when Taylor and her producers were making the record, Taylor's people contacted Fred of Right Said Fred directly and asked for permission to sample I'm Too Sexy.  Ummm, they also offered an absurd amount of money by the way...  Anyhow, they didn't actually tell him which artist they would be using the sample for and Fred didn't seem to mind.  They told him it was definitely a megastar and he believed them.  He didn't find out by the way until he hear "Look What You've Done To Me" on the radio.  I'm sure he was impressed!

Check out the mash-up remix and let us know what you think!



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