If you're a softy for animals, be cautious about reading this article. It may cause heartbreak, spontaneous tears, and the need to want to adopt.

This story takes place in the heart of Middletown, Rhode Island.

As a result of Hurricane Florence, multiple animals who lived in animals shelters in the Carolinas have been displaced. It just so happened that Remy, a 150-pound female Mastiff made her way up to Rhode Island.

As of recently, my girlfriend and I have been searching for a good dog to call our own. We just got a house together and a loving dog would be the most perfect addition to our family. That's when we found out about Remy.

Potter League for Animals
Potter League for Animals

Let that sink in for a second... "All I want in my life right now is someone to hug".

Unfortunately, Remy is getting old and is only expected to live for a couple more years at most. She has conjunctivitis in her eyes that requires medicine and has developed a bad case of arthritis in her hind legs. It takes her a little bit to stand up and as strong as she is, she's not exactly in the mood to fetch anymore. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Her original owners gave her up, but it's unclear why.

Please believe me when I say that If I had the money to help her, I would.

I've always been a cat-guy, but I instantly fell in love with this sweet girl and wish I could call her mine, but most importantly, just wish she could find a good home.

That person could be you.

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