Usually when I think of uses for baking soda, I think of baking with it and cleaning with it. However, baking soda has many more uses than that!

According to the website,, baking soda has a ton of other helpful uses, especially in the beauty department!

One of them I found to be especially helpful, baking soda as a dry shampoo!  I had never thought to use it for that, but it's a pretty great idea!  If you don't have time to wash your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner, and you don't have any dry shampoo on can save some time and money by using baking soda!  Just sprinkle a little bit of powder to the roots of your hair, tousle your hair around and you're good to go!

Another use for baking soda that I'll have to try, using it as an acne treatment.  I try to go for facials from time to time to keep my face clear, but those get expensive. suggests mixing baking soda with honey and leaving the mixture on for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off.  I'm definitely going to try that!

We'll file this one under the 'good to know for future use' category.  As summer is wrapping up, so are beach days and pool covers will soon be going back on.  For next summer though, you could use baking soda as an effective way to remove chlorine from your hair!  I know for me, with light hair, it can turn green from too much chlorine, oh no!  If you mix baking soda with dish soap and apply to your hair, it helps to get the chlorine out!  Just make sure you follow this up with a good hair conditioner.  Sounds like a tip worth trying!

For more helpful tips on uses for baking soda, check out the website here.