I like to consider myself an excellent keeper of secrets. My friends and family seem pretty comfortable confiding in me when they need to talk something through, and I pride myself on that.

But what I’m not good at is a poker face. I wear my heart on my sleeve and if you are around me, you’ll know exactly how I’m feeling.

This weekend, I’ll be watching my fiancé’s best friend propose to his girlfriend and I am so nervous that I will blow the secret before he gets down on one knee.

I’ve never seen someone propose to another person before. If it’s anything like my experience, it’s going to be an emotional sight followed by cheers of joy and happy tears, and I can’t wait. Ross and I will be joining a few friends in the Poconos for the weekend, and thankfully, everyone in the home will be vaccinated, so the only concern will be getting her to say yes. This friend (whose name we will not mention) is proposing on the second night, so this means I have to hold onto this information all day Friday and all day Saturday without blowing the lid off this thing.

I’m not what you would call a “smooth” person and I’m worried that my terrible facade will be a dead giveaway that something is up.

I have a feeling I’ll just stay far away from her until the big question happens to avoid any chance of me having word vomit. But if you have a better idea, let a girl know, and stay tuned for the girlfriend’s answer!

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