The weather has turned much colder this week on the SouthCoast and it seems like our local squirrels know the frigid winter experts are predicting will soon be upon us. Every morning I wake up to dozens of tiny holes throughout my lawn and garden where I can only assume squirrels are burying snacks for later.

Maybe it's just the furry fellas in my neck of the woods that are extra aggressive and seemingly fearless of the people around them. It was just this past summer that I thought a family of young squirrels were ready to run me down in my own driveway. Then a video I saw recently on Facebook had me thinking more than just my squirrels are getting more aggressive.

Ed Connors of Biddeford, Maine shared a video of an attempted squirrel break-in at his house the other day that shows just how badly these animals want in. As you can see, this squirrel got right up on Connors' window looking for a way in, no fear of getting too close or even of the cat watching the whole thing go down. Crazy!

I feel like this video and the insane amount of holes showing up in my yard might be a strong sign of just how cold our New England winter is about to be. The meteorologists, Farmer's Almanac folks and now the wildlife are all signaling wicked winter. So get ready, SouthCoast, because it's just around the corner.

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