The squirrels in my yard have seemed extra active these last few days, but does it mean anything about the winter ahead?

It seems like every time I look out my window these days I am catching a squirrel in action, burying acorns all around my yard.

Now I know that squirrels do this each and every fall, but I have never actually seen it happen. So to be seeing it so often this year is starting to make me wonder what's up?

Do I have extra squirrels in my yard this season?

Did the Indian Summer heat of September make the squirrels forget that they had to start stocking up on nuts? And the sudden chilly mornings brought reality back into focus?

Or could the old wives tale be true?

There is the theory that incredibly active squirrels means a severe winter. Or as you my have heard it

Squirrels gathering nuts in a flurry, Will cause snow to gather in a hurry

So are these squirrels predicting a cold, snowy winter to come?

Other natural signs of a rough winter are thicker than usual corn husks (I didn't notice, did you?), woodpeckers sharing a tree and lots of heavily foggy mornings in August.

I haven't seen any woodpeckers sharing a tree and can't remember how foggy August was, but the squirrels I have noticed.

Has anyone else been seeing these signs of a rough winter? Or do I just have hungry squirrels?

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