If you love seasonal apple and pumpkin picking, this fall may not be your year. Thanks squirrels!

Seems squirrel populations across New England have exploded this year and the tree rodents are eating up farms across the area.

Last fall acorns and other food was in good supply, meaning squirrels really stocked up last winter and were able to create more (and more!) squirrel babies for this year.

And now all those squirrels are hungry.

So they are eating up apple orchards and pumpkin patches with a vengeance, leaving many farmers with crop that is unsellable.

Farmers from Maine on down are saying they've never seen anything like it...and it could soon be affecting your fall fun too.

If the apples and pumpkins are eaten up by hungry squirrels, the supply for families hoping to pick their own are going to be way down.

Apple farmers are also reporting really good apples this year, so hopefully the two balance each other out and there's plenty for squirrels and people.

Still you may want to hit up for favorite picking spots a little earlier than usual this year just in case.

Of course as it gets colder, the squirrels will be getting more desperate to stock up for winter.

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