Southcoast residents who use Eversource's Basic Service Option will see a lower electricity bill starting July 1.

Eversource Spokesman Mike Durand tells WBSM News that the decrease is due to a lower demand for natural gas in the summer months leading to an estimated $16 in savings.

However, Durand says that July 1 is also the day that an increase in the rate that funds the Statewide Energy Efficiency Program, kicks in.

"That will offset the decrease in the supply charge by about $6 a month," said Durand "so, in essence, customers will see a roughly $10 or $11 decrease in their bill when both of those are factored in."

Durand says that as pipeline capacity improves rates should stabilize.

The estimates are based on an average monthly usage of 600 kilowatts per household.

Durand says those who use more will see even greater savings.