Many Americans consider themselves non-functioning without that morning fix of caffeine but it may not actually just be a physical addiction. Research is underway and psychologists are trying to figure out if our body's need for caffeine is beyond just the physical cravings. According to, psychologists have coined it "Caffeine Use Disorder".

A lot more research needs to be done and "Caffeine Use Disorder" is not an official diagnosis as of yet. Laura Juliano, professor of psychology, said, "It is having a physical dependence, but in addition to physical dependence, some sort of harm because of the drug caffeine, as well as an inability to stop using it when they’re advised by a medical provider to do so."

Our own Loren Petisce admits that she's just not "on" until that first cup of coffee. She laughs, "Going on the air before having a cup of coffee? It's not going to happen!"

Professor Juliano said that she hopes some kind of treatment program will be set up similar to what those who wish to seek help to quit smoking go through in the near future.

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