High school yearbook photos last a lifetime and when people look back on them, they'll remember you just as you are in that photo. Take a look at what one high school senior wants to use for his picture!

Draven Rodriguez from Schenectady, New York came up with the amazing idea to have his cat in the picture and he is now petitioning his school to let him use it in his yearbook!

Complete with lazers and a silhouette of his cat, Rodriguez poses holding his cat up in front of him.

These background options were around when I was a kid, but I NEVER would have used them! The cat, well...maybe.

Maybe he'll regret it in a couple of months, but for now he's really pushing for it! time.com reports that his goal was to get 500 signatures on his petition by September 15th, and he had 721 by September 11th.

It's his hope that these signatures will be enough so that the school can't turn him down! Talk about self-expression.




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