Silverbrook Farm via Google Maps

The peak of apple picking season is here and this years crop is likely remarkable.

According to CBS Local, the Department of Agricultural Resources says Massachusetts orchards will produce 140 varieties worth about $20 million.

Russell Powell with the New England Apple Association says you got to give the nine feet of snow some of the credit. “The snow cover provided insulation for the trees, but we also avoided those big spikes in temperature. It stayed cold consistently,” Powell said. After the good turn out from the snow we avoided some of the usual hazards in the spring and we have had sufficient moisture al summer which also adds to the crop.

There’s likely to be around 30 million pounds of apples pulled from trees this year, and the Jonagold is one to keep an eye on. It is a rare apple that was developed in New York.

The Macintosh is my favorite apple to sink my teeth into, and lucky for me they are best grown in Massachusetts because of our warm days and cool nights. My favorite apple to bake with is the Cortland and that crop will be great too along with all of the others this season!

Additional Reporting by Kiah Heron