You've heard it a million times over the course of the past year: while the pandemic has been terrible, there are little silver linings that have presented themselves through forced innovation.

Some of these things, like widespread outdoor dining and Zoom, have actually improved our society and are likely to remain long after the virus (by the grace of God) is no longer gripping our lives.

One of these innovations is pretty simple. The streaming of high school sports has been, pardon the pun, a game-changer since competition resumed last month here on the SouthCoast.

It's not like streaming games was something we couldn't do before the pandemic. We definitely had the technology, but we didn't think to take advantage of it for some reason.

I was pretty bummed to find out that my wife and I would only be able to attend our daughter's home high school basketball games. Those games are a big part of our social life. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the players from the stands, chatting with the other parents as we cheered on our girls. Only being able to watch the home games would cut the fun in half.

Just before the first game, though, we got the news that the games would be streamed on YouTube and/or Facebook live. OK, I thought, at least we'll be able to watch the game. It won't be in person, but we'll still be able to watch. I initially pictured us each watching the game on our phones until I had the idea to mirror the screen to our TV.

Talk about a game-changer! The stream was beautiful. The picture was amazing. Suddenly, instead of driving all the way out to Dighton-Rehoboth or down to the Cape, we were able to throw a log on the fire, kick back on our couch, and eat Crunch 'N Munch. I was in heaven.

It got even better, though; my parents, who live about 90 minutes away, and my sister, who lives about three hours away, became legit fans of my daughter's team. They watch the game religiously, cheering on their granddaughter/niece and getting to know the other players.

Let me speak for all high school parents when I say the streaming of games is something that has to continue post-pandemic. It is a brilliant idea.

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