A 15 year-old boy discovered a stray dog lingering in a Georgia graveyard recently, and her story is spreading quickly. According to GoodHousekeeping.com, the dog had actually buried it's deceased puppy in the graveyard and refused to leave.  News stations just picked up the story recently, but the dog had been spotted there as far back as Labor Day.

The poor Mom doesn't accept food from visitors, and protects the puppy from anyone that comes near.

In an attempt to help the dog, rescuers left a similar looking puppy in a cage near the stray, hoping to lure her away and take her to a shelter. Momma wasn't fooled though.

If you're wondering why Animal Control doesn't just use some sort of force (tranquilizer, traps, etc.) to bring the dog to a shelter, it's apparently against Georgia State Law for local rescue groups to pick up strays.

The 15 year-old boy, Hunter Cone, says he's been visiting the dog everyday and trying to help her in any way, even though she won't allow people to get within seven feet of her poor little pup.

The dog is still at the graveyard as of last week, and Animal Control is still trying to gain her trust so they can take her away voluntarily. After they do that, they will wait a specific "holding period' and then release the dog to Coastal Pet Rescue, where she could possibly be adopted.

Of course, nothing can replace this Mom's puppy, but I hope she can eventually find peace and move on from such a sad story.  If this doesn't assure you that animals have feelings, than I don't know what will.

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