Real talk, though: Can we get a summer do-over?

The summer of 2021 is beginning to wind down, and as the kids are getting ready to head back to school and pumpkin spice-everything is on its way, it's a great time to reflect on all of the wonderful outdoor activities you got out and did this summer. Unfortunately, there may have been a few activities missing here or there thanks to the crazy, stormy summer weather we experienced here on the SouthCoast, and across New England, this year.

Remember Tropical Storm Elsa? While she brought quite a bit of rain to the greater Massachusetts area and forced the closure of New Bedford's floating water park, WhoaZone, that was only the tip of the iceberg for this summer's weather woes. Now, a couple of TikTok users are telling it like it is and going viral for their all-too-relatable video.

Colleen Bearce shared this video of herself and a friend laying outside in bikinis. It may be pouring rain, but you've got to enjoy the warm weather while you can, right? And it's not like there's been any sort of happy medium when it comes to weather this summer. As TikTok user @greggw.1971 put it, "There has been no in-between[.] It's either raining or 100 [degrees]." Ain't that the truth!

User Lance Clough joked that the weather hasn't even been that back and forth, but has instead been just two big storms.

"We had two rain storms," Clough commented. "One lasted 28 days[;] the other 32."

Raining or not, there are two things in this video that no New Englander can forget when heading outside during the summer: cold beverages and a full can of bug spray!

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