Believe it or not, several trees will be cut down to produce what it takes to wrap Christmas presents this holiday season.

This morning on the show we talked about a new trend this year that is suggesting there will be way less Christmas wrapping going on this holiday season. Apparently, people are more conscious than ever before when it comes to saving trees.

A new study says that more than half of the people in the United States that celebrate Christmas and participate in gift-giving will not be wrapping presents this year. Instead, they will simply hand their family member or friend the gift, unwrapped.

This makes me sooo uncomfortable I can barely stand it. There is no way on God's green earth (no pun intended) that I am going to forgo the wrapping paper this or any future Christmas. Call me weird but for our family, half of the excitement and fun of gift-giving is:

a) wrapping (for me) because I love to wrap presents and

b) actually watching the recipient opening their gift.

The other half of the excitement, of course, is the present itself.

I starting looking into the reasoning behind all of this and came across a fun read at PebbleMag and it definitely makes some sense, but not enough to change my mind about wrapping presents this Christmas. They give us five reasons why it's time to "bin" wrapping paper this Christmas. One of the five reasons is that the Scotch or sticky tape we use to keep the paper in place in non-recyclable. Ouch, I didn't know that.

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