Tired of singing "Happy Birthday" every time you wash your hands these days? Then this website is for you.

We've all heard the CDC recommendations that you sing or hum "Happy Birthday" while you wash your hands to ensure that you are sudsing up the amount of time necessary to kill those pesky germs. But aren't you getting sick of singing "Happy Birthday" in your head?

You are not alone.

People everywhere were complaining that we needed a new song for hand washing and a web designer in the UK heard the calls for help.

Seventeen-year-old William Gibson simply wanted to make handwashing memes with his favorite songs, so he created a website where everyone could do the same thing.

And people are logging on like crazy.

It's super easy to use, too. Just go to WashYourLyrics.com, type in the song title and artist name of the track you want to use and then get your own handwashing poster with your favorite lyrics on it.

Like this:


I mean, these are the songs you want to be singing in your head when you wash your hands, right?


And it seems like even your favorite throwback songs can be used, too:


Basically any song you can think of can be used to make your own handwashing poster.

Fun for the bathroom at home, in the office or perhaps throw one up at a friend's house and see if they notice.

So what song will you now be washing your hands to?

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