October 13 may not be falling on a Friday this year, but the full Hunter's Moon will still make things feel pretty spooky.

There are lots of reasons why orange is one of the main colors of fall and Halloween. And you can apparently add the coloring of the full Hunter's Moon to the list of them.

Yes, even the moon gets in the festive spirit this time of year and appears with an orange hue when it is full in the month of October.

And this year the Hunter's Moon will arrive on October 13. Giving this traditionally scary date an extra bit of creep factor.

But if you want to see it at it's peak of fall coloring, the Farmer's Almanac says to be outside before the sun even goes down.

Weird, I know. But they say the Hunter's Moon will reach peak fullness at 5:08 p.m. on Sunday October 13. Getting brighter of course as the sun sets after 6 p.m.

But why Hunter's Moon?

Most full moons do have fitting nicknames, like the Snow Moon in February or Flower Moon in May.

America folklore says the Hunter's Moon was the signal to start hunting for the winter months ahead.

Makes sense.

Some also call it the Dying Grass Moon since the weather turns colder around this moon's arrival and things stop growing.

But honestly for October 13, Hunter's Moon sounds much cooler.

Perhaps it'll be a good night to hunker down with some scary Halloween movies and watch a whole different kind of "hunter" going after it's prey.

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