So Marie Kondo has captivated Netflix subscribers for the better part of January. Honestly, I'm ready to just throw the whole house away at this point. If you haven't watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you better get started so you can "spark joy" in your life in 2019.

Once you go through all of your items and show gratitude for the ones you are no longer keeping, you might wonder where to donate these items to be sure that they are going to a home that will make someone else happy. We put together a list of a few places locally for you.

  1. Gifts To Give - Have any clothes that no longer "spark joy" when you try them on? Maybe jeans that don't fit anymore? Gifts to Give is always looking for clothes for families in need.
  2. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America - They make parting ways with your old items easier than ever. You can schedule a pickup by calling 1-800-483-5503 and leaving a sheet of paper marked with "BBBS" to your donation. The next available pickup date is Monday, February 4. They will come between 7 am and 5 pm.
  3. New Bedford Public Library - They accept all of those magazines, cookbooks, and other literature that you've only read once, and now are taking up space on your shelves and under your coffee table.
  4. The Salvation Army - Have any books that you promised yourself that you'd get around to reading, but just never have? Or the old books that you read a decade ago, but haven't touched since? The Salvation Army will take any books that bring you more guilt than joy.
  5. Department of Children and Families - Nothing takes up more space than toys. Any toys that your children have grown out of will be greatly appreciated by those in DCF custody.
  6. Calvary Temple Assembly of God - This church in Fall River is always in need of toys for their congregation, as well as the various charities they donate to.
  7. Savers - You can basically donate anything from clothing to furniture in the back at the loading station at any time.
  8. My Brother's Keeper - Moving soon? Have any furniture that no longer puts a smile on your face when you look at it? Bring someone else joy by donating that furniture. They'll pick up gently used furniture from almost any location.
  9. Epilepsy Foundation New England Donation Center - They can take your reusable clothing, shoes, and household items. You can schedule a free pickup at home right now. Pickups available every Thursday. Call (888) 322 - 8209.

With additional reporting by Alexis Ostman

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